Anointing To Influence

Daniel 11:32 “…but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.” NKJV

Christian leaders around the world are asking some penetrating questions in our day. How did we loose the ability to influence the cultures of our respective nations? Did we fall asleep? Have we lost our national cultural relevance? There is a perception that we no longer carry the authority, or have the ability to influence the way business is conducted, or the way public policy is determined. There are a few voices today shouting out this message of cultural transformation, yet the message seems like a dissonant chord to the ears of many. Why?

In every nation, the serious believer has become resigned to carefully navigating the way through a challenging work week in a world that seems unfriendly to our core beliefs. We don’t really seem to fit in that world, yet we spend most of our life there. Finally, we stumble into our Sunday morning services where we can feel “comfortable”. Maybe it is the presence of God, or the fellowship of like minded people, but church has become a haven that is a generally encouraging and positive atmosphere. If only we could “feel” that way Monday through Saturday!

The Tipping Point

It has become increasing clear, whether you live in the Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, China or the U.S., we are at a tipping point in world history. There is serious, open dialogue among global leaders about developing regional currencies (much like the Euro) which would be a prelude to one global currency. It appears as though the influence of the believer in the key elements of our respective cultures, such as business and government, has been diminished. We don’t know how it happened or how to fix it.

In many nations the churches are full. We still have our Bible studies at work, yet we remain in the shadows of the kind of influence that transforms culture, concerned about offending or being “too religious” for our colleagues. The message of the Kingdom resonates in our hearts, yet we can’t seem to define that Kingdom in our lives Monday through Saturday. This hardly sounds like the Kingdom that Jesus spoke about when He said in Matthew 11:12 “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.” NIV

Daniel The Counselor

The prophet Daniel whispered the counsels of Heaven in the ears of 3 heathen kings. It was evident to all that Daniel unashamedly carried those counsels on his lips, in his heart, and in his actions. He was anointed with wisdom and the power to influence the most powerful kings of his day. He did it by a daily display of what we would call today, the gifts of the Spirit. It was God’s wisdom and prophetic insight through Daniel, that set him apart from all the other counselors of the court and made him a sought after advisor. It was Daniel’s commitment to the same God we serve today, his life of prayer and his determination to resist the pressure to “fit in” to one of the most corrupt cultures in history, which made him a man God could trust with this influence. Daniel carried an anointing from heaven to influence his generation and the history of a people. What is this kind of anointing? Is this anointing for us today? Is it only for ministry leaders and not for the CEO the CFO or the entrepreneur? Certainly, that is what we are taught, but is that truth?

The Anointing

God is the Giver of anointing. He determines who it goes to, what it will effect, and if we meet the requirements to receive this precious commodity. Anointing is given to individuals who are authorized by the Lord and set apart for a particular work or service. In a special sense, someone who carries an anointing belongs to the Lord and is authorized to represent Him. We see this in the religious world when ministers have hands laid on them and they are set apart or sanctified for the work of the ministry. Usually, this includes anointing with oil. It is a valid, significant, biblical ceremony represented by an actual impartation of the Lord through those who are laying on hands, to the individual receiving it. This is a common practice most of us have witnessed many times.

Yet, how many times have you seen a Godly man or woman, who is starting a new business, or one who receives a big promotion, or someone who has been elected to a political office receive this same impartation? It begs the question could this be part of the missing link? In my travels to Latin America and Africa, I have discovered the very people God is placing in society to effect Kingdom change are hearing the subtle and sometimes not so subtle message “Men and women who want to serve God should not go into business or government because those elements of culture are corrupt.” They are certainly corrupt, but they are corrupt because the light stays out of the darkness. What would Daniel have to say about these subtle messages? How would this man of influence be viewed by the religious leadership of our day?

Anointing To Influence

I don’t think any of us would argue the point that Daniel carried the anointing to influence. He is still influencing us today! Daniel was a government worker all his life, yet he wrote a book of the Bible. It was his character, his love of God and his desire to be faithful to the Lord at all costs, that qualified him to carry this anointing to influence. As I read the Book of Daniel, I don’t see a man who was angry at his conquerors, yet they must have been filled with decadence, occult worship and corruption. I do see a man of God full of compassion, who cared for the kings he served, yet one who was willing to speak God’s oracles, when doing so challenged the most powerful leaders on earth and put his own life at risk. This was why God could trust him with the anointing to represent Him. It is with this anointing that history is made and the course of nations changed.

Daniel would not be trusted to influence these 3 kings if he was angry, constantly complaining about their leadership, sin and ineptitude. It would be safe to say Daniel was a man of prayer who interceded for those he served. In the Kingdom, the anointing to influence and represent the Lord in matters of business and government has to start with prayer. There is no other way to begin this journey. Our hearts and attitudes about those we hope to influence have to reflect the way God thinks about them, or we are not worthy to represent Him. We are constantly reminded in scripture to pray for those in authority over us. However, it is not enough just to pray. We must see with God’s eyes, think with God’s thoughts and feel with God’s heart, to carry this kind of anointing.

How Does This Anointing Work Today?

When a culture needs a Kingdom transformation, it is biblically appropriate for our religious leaders to recognize this kind of anointing on people in their congregations. My observation is that people in professional ministry usually understand this anointing much better than people in the workplace. Often our pastors are able to recognize this anointing on our lives before we know it is there. Most of them realize they need to have the kind of authorization the anointing brings to perform a work and they will seek God for it. It is appropriate and necessary for these religious leaders to lay hands on these culture changers for impartation.

The truth is, nothing will be accomplished for the Lord unless we have His anointing. You can preach a great sermon on Sunday morning that is nothing but empty words without God’s anointing on it. When God anoints, there is a tangible transfer of His wisdom, understanding and authority to accomplish a task or influence on God’s behalf, whether it is a Sunday morning message or a challenging board meeting at a Fortune 500 company. It is the same anointing from the same Source, but with different purposes and effects.

“The Lower Life – The Lesser Thing”

Recently, during one of my early morning times of prayer, the Lord spoke the following phrase to me: “Lower Life”. I was surprised by this and pondered it for some time, when He spoke again. “Living in the marketplace is not an excuse to live the ‘lower life’. Men and women with a passion for business and government are confused by the passion they feel and the anointing to serve Me. In their minds they say “I have to make a choice. What should I choose?” When they choose their passion they believe they have to leave that anointing and choose the ‘lower life’ or the ‘lesser thing’. This is a religious mindset that has paralyzed culture and allowed for the evil one to assume positions of power and influence largely uncontested. You are not choosing the ‘lower life’ or the ‘lesser thing’. The same anointing, the same power to influence and transform is available. Walk in this anointing!”

The Fullness of The Anointing

Just as that anointing is important for your pastor’s sermons, it is also essential for you to realize you need that same anointing. You cannot operate in the Kingdom without using Kingdom instruments. The anointing is one of God’s instruments of empowerment. We mistakenly think we are not entitled to this anointing, or entitled to just a small portion of it because we are in the marketplace. In fact, the fullness of this anointing is available for you in the board room, as a teacher, a banker, an economist, or an entrepreneur. It is the same anointing, but it has different effects. The same anointing that Daniel experienced is available to us today. God determines how much He gives, to whom He gives it and what its effects will be, but it is available for us when we position our lives to receive it.

Practical Steps to the Anointing

Here are a few suggestions and comments regarding this anointing.

· Ask for it! Luke 11:9 says, “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Seek Him for the anointing every day over every aspect of your leadership and your life because it is too hard and fruitless to try to effect change without it.

· The anointing spoken about in Isaiah 10:27 destroys yokes. Understand it is a powerful force with tangible effects.

· Cherish God’s anointing. If it comes from Him, we need to hold it in the highest regard. His anointing comes to us for His purposes. It is a trust He places in us. If you cherish it, you will do nothing to cause God to lift His anointing from you. You don’t break this trust because the price you will pay is too high.

· Don’t take credit for the positive effects of God’s anointing. Proverbs 3:6 says “…In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” This requires that we understand this reality and thereby walk in humility. It is about Him, not us. The Lord told me one time “Son, don’t believe your own press clippings.” I have learned to take that to heart. When others try to elevate you, step off the pedestal they want you to stand on and lift Him up. Pedestals are too unstable.

God is establishing His leaders in every nation who will produce this cultural change we all seek. It is imperative we begin to operate in the fullness of God’s anointing in our governments and business. In speaking of our day, God told Malachi in Malachi 3:18, “And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.” NIV There is a mark of distinction for those who desire to produce a change in culture. It is God’s anointing and it will empower you to influence culture as His representative.


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