A Time To Establish!

Many of us in the marketplace, who live in the world of silver and gold, the world of commerce, trade and government, have quoted Haggai 2:8 countless times; “The silver is Mine and the gold is Mine,’ declares the LORD of hosts.” It has become a rallying cry for those who consider the issue of ownership to be the benchmark of the Kingdom Constitution. However, the preceding verse, in my view, is a definitive statement of what is taking place in our world today – Haggai 2:7 “I will shake all the nations; and they will come with the wealth of all nations, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the LORD of hosts.” NASU

Our inter-connected world seems to be shaking and many of God’s people are asking questions. Changes are happening rapidly to the governing structures of the nations of the world. World leaders recently convened at the G-20 Summit in response to the “global financial crisis”.  (The G-20 nations economies comprise 90% of global gross national product and 80% of world trade.) Our government leaders are aggressively trying to find solutions to overwhelming problems that seem to be affecting the economics of every nation in every continent. The people of God all over the world are asking “What is going on?” and “What is God saying to His people?” We can rest assured that during this time of worldwide economic turmoil, He would not leave us, nor will He forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). God has always been our Provider and our Comfort in times of trouble and He will not change His character even if He changes the seasons.

Is The Lord Speaking?

The Lord is speaking to many of His leaders around the world. When God speaks in times like this, He often says the same or similar things to His ambassadors and leaders. If you listen, you will hear a re-occurring theme. His words will bring encouragement, exhortation, comfort, direction and will prepare us for the things to come (Amos 3:7). This is how Godly fathers speak to their sons and daughters and God the Father is our Model. He is speaking today!

The G-20 Summit

Four days before the G-20 Summit in Washington DC, during a powerful worship service on Sunday morning, the Lord began speaking to me. I was vaguely aware of the upcoming summit, but had not kept up with the details. The Lord spoke two words during that worship time that resonated loud and clear, “Seismic Change!” He then began speaking so fast, I had to sit down and write in bullet points to keep up. Suddenly the Lord stopped. It seemed to me the Lord had more to say, so I prayed for a few weeks about the rest. On November 20, I woke at 4:30 am to pray and worship, when the Lord began speaking the rest of the word, just like there was no pause in-between.

In the past, when I received words like this, I never made them public without submitting them first to my pastor who is a national religious leader and other men and women of God around the world who are God’s ambassadors and understand the gravity of things like this. If they disagree, I go back before the Lord and ask again for clarification. All have weighed this before the Lord and are in agreement. It has been strongly suggested that I post this word, as it is a word for the Body of Christ. After seeking the Lord over this for some time, I submit this word to you to edify and encourage the Body.

“Seismic Change”

“SEISMIC CHANGE! I am bringing seismic change to the earth. This is the day I am shaking the nations. I am marking the nations of the earth in this day! I am tearing down before I build up. Leaders of the nations are conspiring and collaborating against you. They will tell you what they have to offer is best for you. They will smile and say “We have fixed it.” But there will be no fix! For in order to build up I will first tear down. Do not look to what has been or what is now, but set your eyes on Me in this hour. This is the day to draw near to Me. I will extend My hand to cover those who draw near and there will be NO CASUALTIES! This is a day of repentance and humility before Me.”

Do not cower in unbelief and fear over the things which are taking place. For there is an order to the systems of this world, but I am tearing down that order and establishing a new order. I will tear down before I build up. I am causing a hunger for My Kingdom around the world. I am raising up a new generation of leaders. I am calling forth men and women to take up positions of leadership. I am placing a mantle of leadership upon them and that mantle will cause them to think and act differently. I am placing a zeal in the hearts of my people in this day, for My ways. They will no longer look to fit in, but they will be agents of change around the earth. They will establish My order in government and business. They are coming! They are coming!

I will tune their hearts to My voice. This is not the day to endure, this is the day to establish! I will give a new meaning to the word “suddenly”. For I am raising up an army of warriors in this day who will advance My cause, My Kingdom. I am raising them up and awakening them and they will establish My cause in every facet of culture. For there is a new wind blowing through the nations and it is the wind of war. I am calling My people out of the shadows and into positions of power and influence. They will not stand in wonder and amazement. The will stand as agents of change; they will stand in the confidence of knowing their God, their purpose and their destiny. They will not stand to control and dominate, but to liberate and release.

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