Does God Care About Economics???

The Kingdom of God is a system of government that is the most dominant spiritual and moral force on the earth.  Like all governmental systems there is also a system of economics.  You and I are experiencing the re-emergence of the Kingdom Economy as the understanding of the Kingdom of God grows in the earth.  It is not something new, but rather a restoration of a system of economics God gave to Moses in the Torah.  As you see nations in crisis, both economically and governmentally, know that God is tearing down a worldly system and establishing His system.

You may be saying ” God doesn’t care about economics!”  But He does!  The prophet Amos was was alive when Israel was divided into two seperate nations, the Southern Kingdom and the Northern Kingdom.  Each Kingdom had it’s own king and forms of worship.  The Northern Kingdom was at the pinnacle of it’s prosperity.  While the economy was booming, the people were steeped in idol worship and performed rites of human sacrifice demanded by their idols.

Rabbinnical scholars say that Amos was not a humble shephard who walked around in a loin cloth wandering the fields with his sheep and occassionally traveling to the Northern Kingdom to pronounce judgment that was coming.  They say he was in fact a wealthy landowner with a sheep and cattle breeding business.

Understanding the Economic Times


The global economy has produced many benefits for the nations of the world.  Through the internet, people in Africa can market products that can be purchased in Chile with the click of a mouse.  On a global scale, commerce is conducted and money changes hands instantaneously between continents.  We live in a world where travel between continents is common and commerce is the key.  People all over the world are inter-connected and inter-dependent.  Yet as we have seen in recent weeks, the economies of all nations are inter-connected, as well.  Could it be that God was actually speaking of our day when he spoke to the prophet Daniel 2500 years ago?  Dan 12:4 But  you Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end. Many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase.  NLT Continue reading →